Let us help you travel developing nations.


This website serves two purposes…

  1. It can help you make a small difference to the owner of a small business in a developing nation. Such businesses frequently comprise only one to five employees, usually family members, to keep overheads low. 
  2. Find a Holiday of a lifetime: Travel developing nations, via this website, and you will experience a great deal and support people in need of business.

Travel developing Nations – without extra cost, in fact you might even save money!

Find out how by reading the rest of this page…

Typical for a Travel Developing Nations Small Business

Cash flow and a lack of capital mean that these people have little chance to advertise on a large scale. Even with their own website, they are often way down low in search engine rankings and rarely get found. This is because they cannot afford expensive SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) companies. Also, they cannot afford to pay for clicks, which frequently do not convert into business. Thus they are at the mercy of large, often global organisations that have the wealth to do all of those.

But what one should not forget, is that the people in these small, developing country businesses are extremely keen. They also have a deep love of their country and its natural and cultural resources. Unfortunately, in most cases, with less than a university education, it is not easy. They have learnt that to survive they must be both cheaper and better than the big organisations. Their aim is usually not to get rich quick, nor to just survive. But to earn enough for a reasonable living. And, in addition, to be able to send their children to high schools and universities. If they succeed, their children are in a much better position to help develop their nation towards prosperity.

How You Can Help – just travel developing nations…

You can help them on their way, back them by using their services, whilst you enjoy a wonderful holiday.

Some people say, “I will not go to a third world country, because I am just using them to my own advantage. I do not want to destroy their culture.”

On the contrary, in many developing nations, there are ethnic groups that wish to keep their culture and their lifestyle intact. But, with a small eco-footprint, offered by many of the businesses listed here, your holiday can help retain these cultures. You are certainly not using these people. Come with an open mind and enough interest to show them that you care for their plight. In fact, show your eagerness in seeing how they live. They mostly live in wonderful, natural surroundings and are thus willing to share their culture. Also, many of their cities are steeped in culture and history. If there are slums too, then just remember: you are helping to develop that nation. Children of a successful small business will accordingly have the chance to study. Thus they will be in a position to make significant improvements within their country.

We work hard to spread the usage of this website in as many developing nations as possible. Because that will give you a better choice. And, in addition, it will give someone in each country a chance to earn money by administering this website. If you know a trustworthy local in a developing nation who would benefit by doing that job please tell them about it. Each nation can have just one dedicated administrator, else that person will not earn sufficiently.

So, we provide five categories of listings in each country. If you use two or three of those businesses during your holiday then you are making a real difference!

How we can all help – it is not just travel developing nations…

So, we provide the following five categories of listings in each country. If you use two or three of those small businesses during your holiday then you are making a real difference! 

Accommodation & Gastronomy

  • Accommodation
    • Most small businesses in our countries are aware…
      • guaranteed success comes only with hygiene, cleanliness and a friendly, personal service.
      • Hence most small accommodations will satisfy your demands.
    • However, if you suffer anything to your distaste you can enter a review. A constructive, but negative comment or review under the appropriate listing.
      • we, the owners and representatives of this website, cannot be made responsible for any negative experience you have in any of our listed accommodations.
    • We also urge you to write a review especially when satisfied.
    • In addition, We recommend to our clients that they respond to all negative comments/reviews. And we will follow up!
      • If they continue to frequently receive negative remarks.
        • we reserve the right to remove their listing from our site.
    • That applies to all 5 of our categories.
  • Restaurants Bars & Cafes
    • Of course, the same hygiene, cleanliness and service with a smile are required by business listings here too.
      • Our website representatives in each country will occasionally visit these businesses to ensure that our strict standards are adhered to.
      • However, that is no guarantee.
      • Once you have made contact with one of these businesses it is your decision to use their services or not.
      • We cannot be made responsible for any problems relating to your experiences in using these businesses.
  • You can find accommodations & gastronomy businesses here

Safari and other Tour Operators

  • Safari & other Tour Operators
    • The same conditions apply here too.
      • And, again, we cannot be made responsible for any negative experience you may have on any tour/safari.
    • Safari is a word that has been adopted all over the world. In fact, it is an East African word, in the ki-Swahili language. It means “Journey”.
    • Many of the developing nations provide safaris. But in some countries, where wildlife is no longer so dominant, we describe the business as a tour operator.
    • You can find safari and other tour operator businesses here

Arts & Craft Shops & Exporters

  • Export Business
    • here you must be aware of scams and disreputable tactics.
      • We cannot be made responsible for any negative experience in your dealings with our listed exporters.
    • However, there is a multitude of third world people who struggle for an honest living trying to export their goods. Raw Material exports are usually not favoured by small business. Because they have a better chance of making a living by converting raw materials into products. Then exporting them. Typically that would be arts and crafts from their local cultures. Or they may grind coffee and package it. Colourful fabrics, clothing, jewelry, baskets and similar products are also exported.
    • You can, of course, contact these businesses online. But during a holiday at their location you can visit them. This will give you a much better understanding of how you might do business with them. In fact, it might even be lucrative for you too!
    • We promote such business with just two words: FAIR TRADE!
  • Arts & Craft Shops
    • be it jewelry, carvings, art, fabrics or any other form of local souvenir (e.g. Tea or Coffee) these shops need your support. You may also find more authentic articles in them too.
  • You can find Arts & Crafts Shops and Export businesses here

Travel Developing Nations

where to go (when you travel developing nations)…

The world is your oyster!

To travel developing nations just go to the find a travel related business page, choose a country and study the listings in that country. Whilst finding the right travel related business check their reviews, it will help you travel developing nations with the best provider.

make contact with the business

Each listing contains at least an email address and a mobile telephone number (often on whatsapp) and perhaps a web address. We recommend that you have some dialogue with our client to satisfy yourself it is the right business for you. In fact, it might be wise to speak to a couple of them to compare them. Perhaps you notice a better attitude or service from one and perhaps the price is more agreeable, maybe even negotiable. To travel developing nations you must also find out what preparations are required. A good provider will help you there. They can advise on health and visum regulations and the best places for you to visit. 

take advice from others too

If your chosen destination is tropical, or the country is in some form of turmoil (health wise or political) then consult your local doctor or foreign office etc. Some developing nations are very stable, others less so, so inform yourself first. To travel developing nations is not necessarily dangerous but it does need some thought and planning. Ask your provider about safety, for example at night in certain areas in cities. Think also about travel insurance.

before committing…

Of course, before committing yourself, enquire about cancellation fees and deadlines.  You may need a travel cancellation insurance for both flight and tour. So, when you are finally determined to travel developing nations, and are well informed and prepared, then go for it! You will almost certainly experience the holiday of a lifetime (although we can’t guarantee that). In any case, you will be supporting a small business, providing employment and developing a nation!


Finally, the use of this website for holiday seekers is free. The prices we charge the small businesses to list their business on our site are affordable. Indeed, they range from zero to a very affordable (and controlled) price. Our clients can see the maximum price on the page where they choose their country whilst adding their listing.

So, we hope that you consider a holiday in a developing nation, with one of our clients. We wish you all the best and hope that it works out well. It has done for me – I have used small, local businesses in Gambia, Niger, Kenya and Tanzania, and have never been disappointed.

Significantly, we are working with NGOs in each of our developing nations. We aim to fill our NGO Support page with a list of all NGOs that support us. NGOs can also advertise here if they offer holiday projects. We also thank you for reading so far. Furthermore, we think you might like to visit the United Nations Development Program website.