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As a franchiser you earn 100% of all advertising revenues in your country. 


All you have to do is speak with the small businesses in your country that are in or related to the travel business. Businesses like tour operators, accommodation providers, arts & crafts shops, restaurants etc. Also small companies that want to export their products all over the world. Get them to purchase a premium listing (max $300 per year) and all of that revenue goes to you.

What will it cost you?

Just like our advertising small businesses, who can purchase a premium listing for a maximum of $300 US dollars per year you can rent the use of our website (for your country) for $600 US dollars per year.

$100 of your yearly fee each year will help us raise the whole site’s visibility on Google searches by using that money for adwords or similar. The $600 that you pay each year is completely covered by just two of the many adverts that you sell in your country!

Standards – for the Small Businesses…

The minute you sign up for your country’s pages for a minimum of one year you will be agreeing to follow our strict standards.

You can choose to leave us at any time or you can continue renting your country forever – providing you continue to fastidiously follow our standards. Should you deviate from our standards you will be warned by the site owner. If you fail to heed that warning within 3 months you will receive a second warning and failure to correct the situation within one month after the second warning your license will be revoked without any refund.

Our strict standards are in place to protect the small businesses of developing nations. They must always be in a position to pay an affordable amount for advertising. Other websites will charge them a lot of money just for leads that may not convert to business. Others charge up to 25% of the business’s revenue – far too much.

On the page in which your customers add their own premium advert, they can see the maximum price ($300). However, you are free to charge them any amount below that. For example, you may need to offer them a special price for the first year and a higher price on subsequent years.

Standards – for our Holiday Makers…

The good people that use our website and go on holiday to do business with our advertisers need to be protected too.

The following is your job, if you franchise your country’s web pages on our site. Make sure that all of your customers that list their business on our site (free and paid) keep to specific standards…

For example: if one of your clients has received a negative criticism they must reply to that criticism and show that they are attempting to fix the problem.  Holidaymakers should always review the clients after their holiday. 

It is also your job to visit the businesses that either continually receive negative critics or fail to respond and react to them. If you believe that the client cannot provide a satisfactory service then their listing will be deleted and not accepted ever again. Clients must agree to this condition before their listing is accepted.

So, do you want to rent your country’s pages to earn good money?

Then click here to see how much money you can earn and how you apply to become the sole administrator in your country. No one else will have this right until you terminate your agreement with us.