So, How much will you earn?

First of all your yearly costs are currently $600 US dollars per year. That is a non-negotiable, fixed price that will always be aligned to the maximum price we charge for a single premium listing. That means if you sell a premium listing to just two small businesses in your country for the maximum price, then you have covered your entire costs for the year! Potentially you can sell to hundreds of small business. But there are rules which determine to whom you can sell.

What are the rules?

We are here to help only small businesses. These businesses generally employ from 1 to 15 people on a permanent basis. We will not advertise larger business as we are here to help people like yourself. A small business needs all the help it can get. The larger businesses do, generally, not need our help. So you must only sell listings to small business with 1 to 15 permanent employees. If we see larger organisations advertising on our site in your country we have the right to terminate your franchise. The other major rule is that the yearly cost for a premium listing must never exceed our maximum, which in 2019 is currently 300$. There are other rules but you will receive them when you franchise your country on our website.

You could earn this amount of $$$!

We have 5 categories for listing small businesses: arts & craft shops, accommodation, restaurants & bars etc., safari/tour operators and exporters.

Let us just imagine that you sell 10 premium listings, at the maximum price ($400 per year), in each of the five categories. That means that you will earn 5 categories x 10 premium listings x $300 = $15,000 – 600 (1 year’s franchise) = $14,400 US$ profit pro year (before tax).

Now imagine selling twice that many, your profit would be (before tax): $29,400!

All you have to do is visit your potential clients and convince them that a premium listing will increase their sales for the remarkably small price of 25$ per month (payable yearly = $300)!

You will have to work hard for this money but it is worth it. Your children will have a much better chance of a higher education!

Are you eligible for a franchise?

You can discover the answer to that question and apply for a franchise here.