Your holiday of a lifetime begins here!

But Why here? How?

because here, using this website, you can make a considerable difference. Improve the lives of one person, their family, potential employees AND enjoy the holiday of a lifetime:-

  • make a difference to individuals in developing nations…
    • by using our listed tour operators in any of our developing nations’ small businesses you are helping local people. You help either an individual, his/her family and employees by helping them earn a living.
    • of course, you can also have a great holiday using global companies. But why should they earn money instead of the poorer people in the developing nations you visit?
  • experience the holiday of a lifetime at the grassroots by individuals who know their own country better than anyone else…
    • get to know those people, even meet their families…
      • they will often be able to take you to places where you will meet and mix with the locals.
      • you will see places & events not frequently seen by tourist that use larger companies.
      • by being there, with the locals you will experience much more of their cultures.
      • you can even visit other local businesses (arts & crafts, gastronomy, etc). You might even visit businesses that are not listed on this site. That does not matter, because you can help those people too.
    • meeting real locals is very rewarding, you experience their hospitality, friendliness and gratitude.
    • There is a good chance that you will see and experience things that other tourists, who use global companies, will miss.

Can we promise you the holiday of a lifetime?

We cannot promise you the holiday of a lifetime. But we can promise you a much better chance of having one with the local people. Plus the satisfaction you may have because you help them achieve success. What if everybody chose to try the holiday of a lifetime by using local, small businesses? Then we would all be making a difference to individuals, families and their developing nations.

So, where is your chance of the holiday of a lifetime? It is just a few clicks away if you find a travel related business here.

See how they smile…

and test how they provide a great service, unique experiences and help develop their nations.

holiday of a lifetime in any continent
Young business people could offer you the holiday of a lifetime!

Young people, running small businesses in developing nations. They would contribute to the prosperity of their countries by paying taxes and being able to educate their children. But they need our help. If they are unable to compete against larger, global companies they will not achieve that goal. So please give them your support and you might experience the holiday of a lifetime.

Which Travel Related Business can you find here?

It is our Tour Operators that provide the holiday experience but the other listed business type can be visited whilst you are there. Of course, gastronomy and accommodation are a must. Arts and crafts can provide cultural events during your stay or souvenirs to take home. Exporters are a slightly different kettle of fish! No, they don’t export fish in kettles, that is just an English phrase to emphasise their difference.

Our exporters could actually provide any kind of product which, in fact, may not be travel related. But small business exporters in developing nations could benefit from your travel. Perhaps you meet them, see their products and take a personal interest. Or maybe you know someone at home with such an interest who might facilitate on behalf of the exporter. This may be a business opportunity for you too.

How to plan your holiday of a lifetime

Making Your Choice

Of course, you need to have an idea of which country you would like to visit. If the country has a developing economy (as defined by the UN here), and has listings on this website, then choose that country here.

Once you have chosen the country using the previous link you will be taken to a page where all listings (free and premim) for 5 different cateegories of business are displayed…

  • Accommodation
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Gastronomy
  • Tour Operators
  • and Exporters
  • a list of NGOs in the chosen company is also shown

Tour Operators

You are most likely to click on Tour Operators at the beginning of your search. Those are the businesses that can usually organise your whole trip. They probably have vehicles and local guides that will take you to all the places that you want to visit. They may also suggest other places or events.

Sometimes the tour operator will also organise flights, although they may not be the flights you would have chosen (price and carrier differences). Mostly you are advised to organise your own flights.

Tour operators will, however, be aware of the places that you will stop at overnight. They will usually recommend accommodation and book those that you choose. Budget, mid-range and luxury accommodations are often part of that choice, enabling you to control your costs according to taste and pocket.

Occasionally your tour operator will also provide you with meals and/or plan to take you to specific restaurants and some accommodations may arrange anything from bed and breakfast to full board.

Talk to your Tour Operator!

All of these things, including prices and preparations for the trip should be discussed with your tour operator before you commit to a deposit. And, yes, ask about their cancellation policy. By using Skype, WhatsApp and/or Email etc you should discuss all of this and more before commiting yourself to paying a deposit.

Also, ask about insurances and health precautions. What happens if you are sick and can’t come at the last minute? First aid knowledge and/or kit – what does the driver take with him? Which items and clothing do you need to take? You may need to insure your flight and the tour operator’s cost on a separate travel insurance – usually no more than 7 days after the flight is booked.

Whilst discussing your plan with the tour operator you may have seen other businesses on our website that are on your route. Perhaps you have agreed with the tour operator to visit them…


You have prbably organised your stop offs with the tour operator and maybe you have chosen some from our listings! Read their reviews.

Arts & Crafts

You are advised to check out the shops, galleries and cultural events that are listed on our site and read their reviews. Perhaps the tour operator has left something out of his itinerary that you would like to visit. We are sure that he will add them to your bespoke itinerary!


Depending on the boarding arrangements you have agreed with the tour operator there might be a meal or two that is open to your choice of restaurant. Or, perhaps, part of your tour gives you free time to wander around a location. You might want to visit a coffee shop, bar or restaurant. Perhaps you fill find them in our listings – read their reviews.


If you scan through the exporter listings you might just find a business that takes your interest, or that of a friend. You could visit them during your trip and find out more about them. Also read their reviews.

how to define the holiday of a lifetime?

We are all different, we each have different tastes, there is no formular for the holiday of a lifetime.

You may like the cultural aspects best, your partner(s) might prefer the landscapes or wildlife. So the holiday of a lifetime can be very subjective.

All the author can say is, “I have travelled with many local guide/tour operators and have never been disappointed. There have been some minor differnces in quality of service but I have always been satisfied.

And, finally, the Holiday of a Lifetime Competition!

So, let us just say that you went on holiday to an Asian country with a local guide. Assume that everything went even better than you had hoped. You experienced so much more than you had dreamed. and your tour operator exceeded all of your expectations. It was your holiday of a lifetime!

Now, perhaps just one year later you went to a South American country and once again experienced the holiday of a lifetime!

What now? Does that make the Asian holiday any less? Of course not, it is not a competition.